Ortlieb Tubus Logo Evo Rear Rack

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Ortlieb Tubus Logo Evo Rear Rack

The Tubus Logo Evo may be the best pure cross-country touring rack ever made for the true world traveler!  The lower side-rails on the Logo Evo lower the center of gravity in your load, and this can improve riding stability.  The lower mounting points for your panniers can make it easier to get on and off of your bike.  If you wear extra-large shoes, the Logo Evo design allows you to place your panniers farther back on the rack to help provide adequate heel clearance.

keyboard_arrow_right Specifications

  • HEIGHT: Measured vertically from the center of the lower rack mounting hole to the top of the rack is 370mm, or 37cm (14.56 inches). The top rail is 10mm in Diameter, so it is 360mm (14.17 inches) from the lower mounting bolt to the underside of the top platform area. This is good to know when figuring out tire and fender clearance.
  • RACK TOP LENGTH: The level part of the top “platform” is about 12 inches long. From the top front of the rack to the taillight mounting bracket is about 13 inches. It is about 13 3/4 inches from the top front of the rack to the “stops” on the back of the lower side-rails.
  • RACK TOP WIDTH: About 3 3/8 inches wide at the top front of the rack, just before the curve. About 4 inches wide just above the taillight mounting bracket.
  • TOP RAIL DIAMETER: All Tubus Racks use 10mm diameter top rails, except for the new FAT Rack for bikes with the giant tires – it has 14mm diameter top rails.
  • MAX RECOMMENDED TIRE WIDTH: 60mm (2.35 inches) On some bikes with disc brakes that are mounted between the seatstay and chainstay, forward of the rear axle , the taller dropouts have higher than average lower mounting eyelets. This means the rack sits higher over the wheel, so the tire passes the slanted vertical tubes lower down, and the lateral tire clearance may be up to 2.5 inches.
  • WEIGHT: Approximately 600 grams (21 ounces) for the rack, and 138 grams (5 ounces) for the mounting kit before the mounting stays get trimmed to length. There will be some variation in weight, depending on how you trim the upper rack mounting stays, and whether you use the alternate mounting points.
  • SIZE: The Logo Evo is made in a One-Size-Fits-All 26?/700C size. Europeans often use 28? to mean 700C. So in some places you may see the 26?/28? designation for the Logo evo. Since the panniers ride lower on the side of the rack, the top of the rack does not determine pannier height. So Tubus makes the top of the rack tall enough for most 26? and 700C touring tires. It will even fit many 29’er bikes if the lower rack mounting points are high on the rear dropouts. If your bike requires a taller size, there is a Logo Classic 29’er rack that is taller, and there is an optional adapter for the 29er Logo Classic that adds even more height if necessary. Some websites are mistakenly calling the Logo Classic 29er rack an “Evo” rack, but that is not the case ? it has the classic Logo dropout.
  • COLOR CHOICES: We have the Logo evo in Black only. If you need silver front and rear racks, you may want to choose the Stainless Steel Tubus Cosmo rear and Tubus Nova front racks, or the titanium Tubus Logo Titan rear rack, which looks nice with the stainless steel Nova. They have the natural unpainted colors of the metals used, and are rather silvery in appearance. None of Black painted racks are available in painted Silver. Sorry, but I can’t even special order them.
  • CARRYING CAPACITY: The Tubus Logo evo’s rated capacity is 88 lbs. If you find a higher rated capacity (hard to do), it will be unrealistic, as this is more weight than one should usually carry on a touring bike. The carrying capacity is in no way a recommendation for how much you should carry on the back of a touring bike, but it does give you an idea that this rack can stand up to some serious use! If you are headed out for a long distance, heavily loaded tour, the extra rated capacity could be the difference between a smooth tour or a breakdown.
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