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Mountain bike body armour is lightweight yet offers exceptional protection when you're pushing your skills to the limit. By using padding around common impact areas MTB body armour absorbs the hits. We stock a wide range from Fox Racing, Troy Lee Designs, 661, G-Form, Race Face, and Alpinestars

Body Armor Buying Guide

There's nothing like the thrill of taking your mountain bike out for a spin, but it's important to stay safe while you're enjoying the ride. That's where mountain bike body armour comes in. This type of armour is designed to protect you from the worst that the trail can throw at you, and it does so without weighing you down. The padding around common impact areas helps to absorb shocks, and the lightweight design ensures that you won't be bogged down when trying to make those quick moves. Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced rider looking for an extra level of protection, mountain bike body armour is a great choice. We stock a wide range from Fox Racing, Troy Lee Designs, 661, G-Form, Race Face, and Alpinestars, so you're sure to find the perfect option for your needs.

When it comes to mountain biking, there are a few different types of body armour to choose from. One type is elbow and knee pads, which offer protection to these common impact areas. Another option is full-body armour, which covers your entire upper body and typically includes shoulder pads. This is a good choice for riders who want the maximum amount of protection, or for those who frequently ride in areas with a lot of rocks and roots. Whichever type of mountain bike body armour you choose, make sure it fits well and doesn't impede your movement. You should also look for armour that is comfortable to wear, even on long rides.

With the right mountain bike body armour, you can ride with confidence knowing that you're protected from the worst that the trail has to offer. Browse our selection and find the perfect option for your needs today.

Guide to our Brands

7iDP protective gear has been focused on superior fit, protection, and innovation. They offer proven protective gear with the most CE Level 2 rated pads in their lineup. Long sleeve lengths, preformed Sas-Tec padding, and wide-ranging sizing provide industry leading fit and protection. For long days on the trail where proven protection is a must, 7iDP has you covered with knee, elbow, and body protection designed to move with you.

When it comes to protecting yourself on the trails, few things are more important than a good set of knee and elbow pads. And when it comes to quality protection, few brands compare to Fox Racing. Their enduro pro knee pads are made from a lightweight, breathable material that helps to keep you cool, even on the hottest days. The padding is also extremely flexible, so you can maintain full range of motion while riding. And in the event of a fall, the pads are designed to help absorb impact and protect your joints from serious injury. For those who want the best possible protection on the trails, Fox Racing enduro pro knee pads are a great choice.

Troy Lee Designs is a company that specializes in protective gear for cyclists and motocross riders. Their knee pads and elbow pads are some of the best on the market, offering excellent protection against falls and impacts. The pads are made from high-quality materials and are designed to fit snugly and comfortably, even during intense riding sessions. Troy Lee Designs also offers a wide range of other cycling and motocross gear, including helmets, gloves, bags, and apparel. Whether you're a casual rider or a professional athlete, Troy Lee Designs has the gear you need to stay safe on the trail or track.

The Troy Lee Designs Rockfight Chest Protector is a must-have for any serious mountain biker. Featuring a tough polycarbonate shell, the Rockfight offers superior protection from rocks and other debris. The -inch thick foam padding helps to absorb impacts, and the adjustable straps ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Additionally, the Rockfight is compatible with most neck braces, making it an ideal choice for riders who want maximum protection. Whether you're hitting the trails or the bike park, the Troy Lee Designs Rockfight Chest Protector is an essential piece of gear.

Whether you're an aggressive downhill mountain biker or a leisurely trail rider, the importance of protecting your knees and elbows cannot be understated. That's why we're excited about the latest release from Leatt, the MTB 3.0 Knee Pads and Elbow Pads. These pads offer serious protection without sacrificing comfort or mobility, making them ideal for all-day rides.

The knee pads feature a hard-shell design with soft padding on the inside, and they're held in place with adjustable straps. The elbow pads follow a similar design, but they also feature articulated joints that allow for full range of motion. Both sets of pads are breathable and lightweight, so you won't have to worry about overheating on long rides. Best of all, they come in a sleek black colorway that will look great with any kit.

So if you're looking for top-of-the-line protection for your knees and elbows, be sure to check out the Leatt MTB 3.0 Knee Pads and Elbow Pads. They'll help you ride with confidence, knowing that you're well protected against any bumps or spills.