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Rims Buying Guide

When you are looking for new bicycle rims, there are three main things to consider: rim diameter, rim inner width, and spoke hole count. The most common rim diameters are 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. In the road world, there really isn't a 26 inch option, but opt for 650b (27.5) and 700c (29). The width of the rim will affect the tire profile and how stable the bike feels when cornering. Wider rims are typically used for mountain biking, while narrower rims are better for road cycling, however, there are variations in rim width in mountain bike rims and road rims alike, just do your research to see how each rim handles and decide based on your riding style. The spoke hole count is the number of holes in the rim that are used to attach the spokes. A higher spoke count means a stronger wheel and stiffer wheel, but it also increases weight. Mountain wheels can have between 24 spokes and 32, but each rim will be designed with a certain number of spokes in mind. When choosing new rims, it is important to consider the intended use of the bike and decide which characteristics are most important. With so many options on the market, there is sure to be a set of rims that is perfect for your needs.

Guide to Our Brands

Crank Brothers Synthesis came about when two Austrailian engineers, one a former ENVE composites engineer, decided that the front and rear wheel do different things and should be designed with those purposes in mind. With that being said, the Crank Brothers Synthesis Alloy Rim is a top-of-the-line option for riders looking for the perfect balance of weight, stiffness, and durability. With each rim designed for a use it might get complicated to let us help. The front and rear wheel feature a 31.5mm internal width and varying outer widths to create purpose built wheels. The rear is designed to be stiff to help the tire track the ground, and the front is more compliant for the same reason as well as rider comfort. The Synthesis provides ample support for tirewidths up to 2.6", making it an ideal choice for enduro and all-mountain riding. The alloy construction ensures that the rim is lightweight yet still stiff enough to handle hard impacts, while the CNC machined sidewalls help to protect against abrasion and wear. In addition, the rims come in XCT or Enduro styles, the XCT is or XC and trail riding whereas the enduro is, well, for enduro/all mountain. Whether you're tackling technical singletrack or rowdy downhill trails, the Crank Brothers Synthesis Alloy Rim is up to the task.

Race Face is an enormous player in the mountain bike industry, and their wheels are just another testament to their great products. The AR 30 Offset, featured on Santa Cruz mountain bikes, is built for aggressive all-mountain riding and enduro racing. It features a wide 30mm internal rim width that provides a stable platform for tires up to 2.6in. The offset spoke bed helps to distribute spoke tension more evenly, resulting in a stronger and more durable wheel. Additionally, the asymmetrical design of the rim helps to balance spoke tension between the left and right sides of the wheel. The result is a wheelset that can handle the demands of aggressive riding, while still providing the strength and durability needed to withstand the rigors of enduro racing. Whether you're looking to upgrade your all-mountain bike or want a race-ready wheelset, the AR 30 is a great option.

As previously mentioned, how Crank Brothers acquired an ENVE engineer, their own techs have been cooking up incredible wheelsets since 2005 and their M60 rim can more than compete with the best of them. This rim is ENVE's trail rim, designed to withstand big hits and be able to climb back up with ease. Our model in stock features a 26mm internal rim width and 28 spoke holes, ideally this would perform great as a front wheel but ENVE designs their wheels with front and rear use in mind, meaning you could buy 2 of these, lace them to the hub of your choice, and be on your merry way, climbing and descending everything but the longest XC epics and narliest DH descents. Truly an all-around trail boss.